Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year!  I am looking forward to being your child’s teacher for WACS Online School this year!  As we start this school year together, here are a few things you can do to help your child be successful this year!

Designated Work Space-Have a designated work space for your child.  This does not have to be a separate room of the house.  However, it should be a work area that your child will use solely for school.  Have all materials organized and readily available at their work space.  This will alleviate the need of having to “search” for needed supplies during online meeting times. 

Visual Schedule-Have a visual schedule for your child to follow throughout the day.  Structure and consistency are key to a successful year.  Once scheduled meeting times are set, post these times somewhere your child can see them. 

Eat a good breakfast

Get dressed for your school day
Online School Etiquette-We will go through this during the first week of online school. 

Make sure your eyes are on the teacher during live meeting times.

Listen to your classmates while they are sharing/speaking.

Try to use the bathroom before and after live meeting times.  However, should the need arise during the live meeting, you are free to go and come back without asking permission

Mute your microphone unless you are speaking

We will be working on these during the first week of school!  See you on Tuesday! 

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