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WACS Co-Students of the Month for May

St. Stan’s 5th grade student Emilia Dammen is the daughter of Dan and Michelle Dammen; she has one brother, Liam, who is in the 9th grade at Cotter Schools. Emmie was chosen to be the St. Stanislaus Student of the Month because of her dedication to learning and leadership ability. She has shown a solid work ethic and pays close attention to details (even in this time of distance learning, she has continually risen to the challenge and done more than expected). The work that Emmie turns in for school is always well done. Emmie is well-rounded due to her various activities and fun personality.

Emmie’s teachers share that they see her love for learning in all classes. Her science teacher says that she brings enthusiasm and wonder to science every day. She asks great questions and follows through with whatever they are learning about. She goes above and beyond what is expected. Her art teacher adds that Emmie is a natural artist and enjoys creating all types of art with all kinds of materials. She enjoys sharing her art knowledge with those around her in the classroom. And over the course of the online learning, she has stayed interested and connected. Emmie has musical talents as well: she plays the flute in the band and her choir teacher says she is a talented musician who strives to improve her singing skills. She shows a positive attitude with classmates in group activities and often takes a leadership role. She is kind to others and sets an example for the rest of her classmates.

Outside of school, Emmie participates in the Girl Scouts and dance and performance classes at the Minnesota Conservatory for the Arts. In her spare time, she enjoys playing her flute, sewing and baking, especially treats for her grandparents. She cares for her pet guinea pigs and even has included some fun photos in her distance learning assignments! Emmie is a strong reader and some of her favorite books are Black Beauty, Call of the Wild, The Westing Game and Heidi. She loves both the academic and creative classes at school and says that her favorite things about WACS are the people: the staff and her friends. She says the whole community has a sense of welcoming and she loves coming together for the holiday celebrations in the gym. Emmie is proud to be the student of the month!

Before the Covid-19 pandemic,  Emmie volunteered at the Humane Society and plans to go back when they open up again. In the future, Emmie wants to work in pediatrics because she loves working with kids and wants to help those in need. She recently earned her babysitting certification and looks forward to a time when she can spend more time playing with kids and, later, a career where she spends time helping children. With her dedication, strong work ethic and leadership skills, Emmie has a bright future ahead of her! Congratulations! 


St. Stan’s 6th grade student Macy Donnenwerth is the daughter of Amy and Mike Donnenwerth. She has two siblings; Drew, who is nine years old and sister, Maya, who is five years old. Macy also has a dog named Lollipop (named by sister Maya!). 

 Macy’s favorite subjects in school are math and reading. She enjoys math because she is able to work in groups with others. Also, reading a good book is one of her favorite pastimes.  Macy is very talented musically. She is a flute player in the band, and is a member of the WACS Children’s Choir.  Macy keeps herself very busy outside of school as well.  She takes dance lessons at MCA, performing in ballet, hip hop, and modern. She also enjoys performing in plays and musicals. Besides all of her musical activities, Macy spends time reading, playing basketball and roller blading, just to name a few!

Macy’s teachers say she is an excellent student academically. She is interested in learning new things and is very conscientious about her schoolwork, which is a top priority for her. Her work is always done well and on time. She also participates in class and exhibits great leadership while working in groups. Even more importantly, Macy is kind, polite and respectful to everyone. She is always willing to help others with tasks or be the best person they can be.

When asked what she likes about going to school at WACS, Macy said, “I love that the teachers are always so kind and understanding. I also like that we get to have all of the special classes in art, music, library, and PE.” She also stated, “I appreciate how kind and loving my friends are to me and others.”

Some of Macy’s favorites are the color blue, oranges, actress Emma Watson, and dances like hip hop and ballet.  Macy’s future plans after going to Cotter include attending college to become a teacher and/or a dance instructor. She would also like to stay in Minnesota.