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Children's Anger, Parent's Fear, and our Communal Need for Grace

Dear Parents,

First and foremost, grace and peace to you…

This week’s email check-in and supplemental resources focuses on what I call “Big Feelings”.  As I have had opportunity to zoom, email, and call students and parents this week, a couple common themes have emerged:

  1. “I hate you…” and other displays of anger

Certainly one of the biggest concerns I’ve heard in the last two weeks is from parents who have bravely shared with me their hurt and concern for their “angry” child. 

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Important Resources

Disability Resources:

The Arc Minnesota provides information and assistance to support people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families statewide.

Phone: 952.920.0855
Toll-free: 833.450.1494
Fax: 651.209.3723


Financial Resources:

  • Correction!  Unemployment information.  The correct contact information is:

Career Force

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Navigating Appropriate Boundaries for Screen Time

Dear Parents,

Last Saturday I sent an email covering three developing themes that I have heard as I meet and listen to children and families.  It is my hope to continue to send 1-2 emails each week that present other potential problem areas for families.

Today’s email is in relation to screen time.  Certainly, in our present season of distance learning, some screen time is essential. 

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Sleep Recommendations, Mental Health Resources from BASC, and Grief

Dear Parents,

Grace and peace to you! I hope that this email finds you well. Please know that you are in my daily thoughts, and more importantly, my daily prayers.

As I connect, it is my goal to intentionally highlight current themes that I see and hear during this time of Distance Learning, as well as continue to provide beneficial resources. This week I address sleep recommendations, mental health resources from BASC, and grief.

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Top 20 Conceptualizations for this Present Time


Children are emotional barometers.  The truth is that they tend to reflect the emotional well-being of the significant adults in their life.  That being said, in this present time of so much uncertainty, it is vital that you as parents factor in self-love, self-care, and self-forgiveness.   As Mr. Bowlin has stated, “Less is More.”  Do what feels good for your family. 

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