News of the coronavirus COVID-19 is everywhere.  Certainly this news is causing anxiety for our children.  The American School Counseling Association has prompted that schools encourage parents:
  • to limit their children's exposure to media,
  • to provide a calm atmosphere,
  • to keep routine,
  • and to help your child(ren) address their fears in openness and truth.            Many parents are wondering how to bring up the epidemic in a way that will be reassuring and not make kids more worried than they already may be.  Attached is a link to some advice from the experts at the Child Mind Institute (
A good book for young children about the importance of hand washing is Those Mean Nasty Dirty Downright Disgusting but...Invisible Germs, written by Judith Anne Rice.  A reading of this book is available on youtube (found in the following link).  To skip the long introduction to the actual reading, start the video at 55 seconds.

Worry and anxiety are two abstract ideas that children don't always understand.  Prior to spring break we read, Worry Says What? by Allison Edwards.  In our Top 20 lessons, we learned that worry is something that we might feel in our tummy, in our beating heart, or in our hurting head.  

We also were introduced in Top 20 that we can rename worry as ANTs, Automatic Negative Thoughts.  Dr. Daniel Amen wrote a book that is a great tool to help children navigate taking control of one's thoughts.  His children's book is  called Captain Snout and the Super Power Questions.  A reading of this book is available on youtube read by Dr. Amen, himself.

I urge you to contact me by email at if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions.  If given your contact information via an email, I would be happy to meet you and your child by phone or facetime.   Blessings! Mrs. M


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