Establishing Good Habits
Our Habits Are Roots

The four W’s of Habits:

  1. Why?

Why does it matter to me?  To help answer this question do these two things:

  • Play it forward.  Imagine where you will be in a month, six months, a year, ten years, if you persist in this habit.
  • Ponder: How will it change me if I do this?  If I don’t?
  1. When?

Fill in this sentence to establish your when.

When _________________, I will ____________________.

Ex: When I brush my teeth, I will work on my memory verse.

       When I get ready for bed, I will lay out tomorrow’s clothes.

  1. Wall building     

Imagine the new habit as building a new structure, one block at a time.

  1. Winning Streak

Can I do this for 3 days?  5 days?  Start with small goals.

Choose some way to display your goal.  Check it off daily.

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