WACS Student of the Month for December

Erica Beckman has been selected as WACS “Student of the Month” for December.

Erica is the daughter of Dean and Deb Beckman, and she has two brothers. Her oldest brother, Aiden, is in his third year of college at Bradley University. Her youngest brother, Cale, is a junior at Cotter High School. Erica also has two guinea pigs named Smudge and Buttercup.

Erica’s favorite subjects in school are Social Studies, English and Band. She loves to learn about history and really enjoys playing her french horn. Also, she likes to write and appreciates learning all the skills needed to improve her story writing. Besides being in band, Erica is also in the WACS Children’s Choir and the World Drummers.  This year she is looking forward to being a part of the CJHS Speech team as an extemporaneous reader.  Erica is very active, as well.  She is a swimmer, plays soccer and takes dance(jazz) lessons.

In her free time, Erica enjoys playing chess, cooking/baking and roller blading.  Some of Erica’s favorite things are sparkling water, salads, playing the game “Apples to Apples” and anything to do with horses.

Erica’s teachers say that she is very kind, respectful, polite and helpful. She is a wonderful role model for others, and a fine example of the “WACS Way.”  She also strives to live like Jesus wants her to live. Erica is an excellent student because she works very hard even when something is difficult or challenging.  She definitely has a “Growth Mindset.”

When asked what she likes best about going to school at WACS, Erica said, “I like going to WACS because the teachers are so kind and helpful plus I get a chance to learn about my religion.”  After attending CJHS and CHS, Erica plans to attend college to become a veterinarian.  She would also like to study abroad somewhere in Europe or Australia.

Congratulations Erica on a well-deserved award!

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