WACS Student of the Month for October

Meet the St. Stanislaus student of the month, fifth-grader, Lanee Rasmussen. Lanee is the daughter of Jay and Stacy Rasmussen.  She has three brothers: Coltan, Myles, and Kellen. In her free time Lanee enjoys reading a great book. She especially enjoys the books Lousiana’s Way Home, Junie B. Jones, and Sisters. When she is not reading, Lanee enjoys spending time with friends. In school, her favorite subject is math because she loves the way the concepts are being taught. Lanee also stays busy after school participating in Girl Scouts and dance programs.

When asked what she likes best about WACS, Lanee said that she loves the teachers because they are so nice and really show that they care about you. She also loves the students she is surrounded by and describes them as very kind, and caring..  Being able to talk about her faith in school is something that is really special to her as well.

Lanee believes that the student of the month is someone who is kind to others and follows The WACS Way. Lanee exemplifies all of those traits daily. She is a great role model to her peers. Lanee knows that her actions don’t have to be big to make a big impact.  Something as simple as picking up someone's pencil can let them know they matter. Lanee’s proudest moment was when she saw a fellow student looking lonely on the playground, and she decided to play with her at recess in order to help cheer her up.

In the future, Lanee hopes to become a teacher. With her growth mindset, willingness to help others, and eagerness to learn from her mistakes, Lanee has a very bright future ahead of her. Congratulations Lanee.  Keep up the good work.



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