Weekly Homework: Reading & Virtues

Students will have time in class to practice new skills and complete work that they are assigned. On Fridays, our class will have some "Free Friday" time.  This time will give kids an opportunity to choose what to study, research, and practice. If any student did not complete his/her assignments during class time throughout the week, they will attend mini-lessons or be offered guided support to finish their work instead of participating in "Free Friday".

I know how busy families are after school and on weekends with extracurricular activities and family obligations. I want the time you spend with your child each night to be a time that is stress free. Please make sure your child reads a chapter or two every evening (about 30 minutes). If you have the time or energy, I encourage you to listen to your child read or read to them.

Students will also be focusing on a virtue each week. They will be expected to practice the weekly virtue at home. They may even write down a specific way they will practice the weekly virtue in their student assignment book (SAB). Courtesy is this weeks virtue. As we study the meaning of this virtue your son/daughter will learn that we are all made in the image and likeness of God. Some of the ways you may see your child treating others with respect and being courteous is by letting others go first, listening and making eye contact with others, or picking up something someone has dropped.

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