Each week there will be a list of spelling words posted. If you are not able to access the Google Doc. that is linked below (Weekly Spelling Lists) then please e-mail me at so I can share the document with you.

The students have taken a reading and spelling assessment to help them determine which of the three lists they may want to choose each week.  Even though I encourage them to pick a modified, regular, or challenge list that I believe they will be most successful with, I am leaving it up to each student to decide for themselves which list they would like to learn.  I believe that students are motivated to practice their spelling words when they are given a choice. I notice that many students want to learn the more challenging lists and work extrememly hard when they know it is their decision. I hope that students will also become aware of their emotions/stressors and feel less pressured if they have big weeks with outside activities that they need to focus on and can manage their stress by picking on-level or supported lists on this week.  We will practice the spelling list at school throughout the week and spelling tests will be given every Friday. 

Weekly Spelling Lists




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