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**Third Grade Reading**

Some of what we will be working on…

*Character Analysis…understanding such things as their traits and feelings and why they are important to the story

*Comprehension - retelling stories and fluency checks

*Genres and styles of text…fiction and nonfiction stories, dramas, poems, digital, other forms of media, etc…

*Understanding different points of view

*Compare and contrast themes, settings and plots of similar texts


*Understanding the main idea and supporting details

*Text Features…table of contents, glossary, headings, captions, etc…

*Collaborative discussions on the texts we are reading…these may be teacher led, in small groups and one on one

What you need to know…

This reading class will mainly focus on the different genres of books and comparing different styles of texts. Spelling and grammar will be taught by your child’s main classroom teacher. The homework that will be assigned in this class will be written in your child’s SAB when they attend each day. This may be to do some independent reading of their choice, reading particular novels that we are covering in class, or it may be to work on a certain project that has been assigned to them.  

Resources for you…

*Compass Learning -

*Read, read and read at home!!!!

*If you are in need of finding books that are at your child’s reading level, please let me know…I can look up their Lexile level from their last MAP test and this will give you a guideline to go by for purchasing or checking out books from the library.

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