My name is Laura Lorenz and I am incredibly excited to be your child's Preschool teacher. I have been working in early childhood since I started college in 1989. Please, I know you’re tempted to do the math and figure out my age, you have my permission as long as sometime in the future you let me know how good I look for my age. Seriously that is 27 years I have worked with children and still I have things to learn and somethings to relearn. But most importantly I am a parent and a wife. I have been married to Travis for 21 years and we have two wonderful daughters Evelyn and Faith.  As a parent I know the job you face, it is the hardest and most rewarding job in the world. I am here to help you whenever I can with that job and to help your little one transition into school life, not only prepared but feeling as secure as they can.  Please don’t hesitate to ask for advice, help, whatever.

                                              Thank you for sharing your children with me.


                                                                                           Laura Lorenz

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