Quarterly Art Learning Expectations
The art program at WACS is a sequential program of art learning and art creating. Within the course of the school year our students experience art learning twice a week for 30 minute class periods. Each lesson is age appropriate and structured to meet the developmental level of each student. Every lesson in each grade builds on the art elements and principles of design.

Great success is achieved each and every year in the art room. Students who may have struggled in the past with any process such as, painting, drawing, cutting and placing parts together to make a whole, make significant breakthroughs as the 
years progress. I constantly see children who are confident in their learning, are able to describe what art is to them and the world, react to the creative process with high expectations and achieve the goals they set out to do with each and every lesson.

These art learning objectives guide students in their work and help them to develop self-awareness, self-reliance, self-expression and manipulative skills through the use of varied media, 
processes and materials. Art aims to further develop the basic skills of all children by instilling in them an awareness of environment; a sensitivity to sight, touch, sound and spontaneity in expression.

Kindergarten Art Learning

Art classroom expectations for students in grades One through Six

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