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WACS Distance Learning Website for the Visual Arts!


  • All grade levels have a page to visit for art learning titled-"Lessons by Grade"
  • Updates for grades are located in this as a dropdown found within the Lessons by Grade button or you will find on the first page,3 yellow pencils,next to the slideshow, that will take you to the updated grade level pages they describe.
  • The heartwarming art slideshow  includes the first art lessons that have been sent to me. This is on the homepage, near the bottom, under the logo. Take a look, it is super cool…I receive many new art works daily that I will be keeping for the next slideshow! Awesome! Thank you!
  • Below the slideshow are picture buttons that go to the grade level lessons as well.
  • Next is "Online Art Making and Apps"…Everyone should go site seeing here! Some fun and easy to interact with art learning and art making ideas! For all grades and ages too!
  • Another menu button is called "Be Crazy Artsy!"
  • Here you will find a link to "Artsonia" our online classroom art gallery.
  • I have information to upload art to the "Classroom Mode" at home with a parental password...Please email me to receive the password.
  • This is a classroom mode that I would like the art to uploaded to a special Art to Go! folder. I will receive a notice when this happens and then we will have created a gallery to see all the great works made during this creative time! No matter what grade!...Thank you!
  • About the art challenge on this this page…while it describes itself…I really would like to put our talented artists to the task of creating a story for the Winona Public Library librarians. Our March arts show is still Locked in the Library! I thought it would be fun to do a creative and colorful community outreach project to share with the librarians, they feel so sad that we can’t get the art out to give back to our students. There is also a beautiful video embedded there of the art show that the library produced! Check it out!
  • Check back often as Art to Go! continues to GROW!There is so much to share and so much more to show!!!
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