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Additional Art Supplies for Art this year...Classrooms are high touch environments. Current Covid 19 guidelines for in the classrooms are to minimize touching shared surfaces. Which means no more communal sharing of crayons, markers, etc. especially for art projects.
These 3 supplies are for at school or for Online School
students to use at home. ..

The 3 items listed below by grade,are the ONLY
additional art supplies needed...

1-pack of Drawing chalk-for Grs. 2 & 3

1-pack of Oil pastels-for Grs. 2, 3 &4

2- Black Sharpies-for Grs. 3 & 4

SKETCHBOOKS have been purchased by WACS for every student in grades 2,3,& 4
and I have placed Art papers in the 1st grade classrooms
that will be given to the 1st grade students before art class begins.

I have asked for these 3 simple supplies so the students will have a variety of drawing choices available for their art lessons. Some times the students will be given an option to choose say, oil pastel over crayon, for their art project. 
These links below can help you to find supplies if they cannot be found locally in stores...

Amazon- Drawing Chalk 
Amazon-Oil Pastels Pastels  


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