Top 20 Parent Time with Mr. Bowlin, Mrs. M. and parent volunteer/WACS mom, Amy Donnenworth

This year we are super excited to offer a special time for parents to join us for a monthly opportunity to connect and find out more about our intentional plan to promote Top 20 within our school culture.  

Top 20 is more than a weekly class that each of your child attends.  We, at WACS, truly believe that it is a vital part of the formula for success in life and learning.

Each month we will take time to assist you to know the words, phrases, and concepts your child is learning within our Top 20 weekly classes.  

As you are your child's primary and first teacher, we hope to open the discussion to whatever is important to you.  We will have time to connect, collaborate, and celebrate our children through questions, suggestions, and discussion time.

We thank you for entrusting us with your most precious treasure(s).

St. Stan's Top 20 Parent time is the 2nd Monday of each month.
St. Mary's Top 20 Parent time is the 2nd Wednesday of each month.

Refreshments will be provided!

Our hopeful schedule is: 7:30 breakfast, 7:45-8:05 Top 20 Talk with Mr. Bowlin and Mrs. M, 8:05-8:30 Parent "Round table" small group break out discussions.

Parent's with younger children are encouraged to come and bring their little ones with.  Although no child care is provided, caring for children and families is our "business."  


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