Dear fellow WACS families,

It’s an exciting time to be a part of the WACS community!  Our schools are incredibly blessed by the most dedicated teachers and staff around and an abundance of students ready to learn and live the WACS Way!  WACS is also blessed and grateful for the involved parents that are putting in the day-to-day “heart work” required to raise young people!

We are writing to you to introduce the 2019-2020 WACS Advisory Board and share the role we play in the school community:  
The purpose of the Board is to promote the educational mission of Christ and His church in the Winona Area Catholic Schools through message, community and service.  We strive to act as a liaison between parents, WACS staff, and our priests.

Our WACS Board acts as a “consultative body, advisory to the pastor(s) and principal.  Policies, after formulation by the council, are officially enacted by the pastor(s), then implemented by the principal.” We differ from a public school board in that we are not jurisdictional.  We are volunteers representing the various Winona parishes, as well as an “at large” member.  We have the responsibility of reviewing all issues and advising the pastors.  Decisions are made based upon the advice and support of the Board. 
The School Advisory Board holds regular meetings beginning in July through May.  We meet each month and publish our agenda and minutes on the WACS website, upon approval.  We have a time set aside at each meeting for “Comments from the Floor,” and invite anyone to attend who would like to bring forward a concern to be addressed at this time.  Under the “Parent Connection” tab in our WACS website, you will find more information, as well as each of our emails.  Feel free to contact us anytime about attending one of our monthly meetings and/or sharing your ideas on how we can improve your child’s time at WACS.

WACS Advisory Board

Amy Donnenwerth, Chair            Kurt Hoeger                Jana Korder
Alissa Gibson, Vice-Chair           Mary Kirk                     Don Nitti
Liz Biesanz, Secretary                Kevin Koopman           Andy Wojciechowski  

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