Meet the Advisory Board

Kurt Hoeger
Board Chair, At Large, 3rd year of service

Amy Donnenwerth
Board Vice-Chair, Cathedral, 2nd year of service

Liz Biesanz
Secretary, Cathedral, 4th year of service

Kevin Koopman
St. Mary's, 4th year of service

Andy Wojciechowski 
St. Stanislaus, 3rd year of service

Don Nitti
CSF Rep, St. John's, 3rd year of service 

Mary Kirk
St. Casimir, 2nd year of service

Jana Korder
St. Mary’s, 1st year of service

Alissa Gibson
St. Stanislaus, 1st year of service

Two from St. Stan's, Cathedral and St. Mary's and one from St. Casimir’s, St. John's, and one at large. The pastors are from Cathedral/St. Casimir, St. Mary's and St. Stan's/St. John's.


Father Jim Berning, Canonical Administrator
St. Mary's Parish

Father Mark McNea
Cathedral of the Sacred Heart & St. Casimir

Father Patrick Arens
St. Stanislaus Kostka and St. John's