Dear Parents,

            March is a sign that spring is not too far away, which is always a welcome sight this time of year! This year it looks as if we are going to have to be a little more patient than most years. We have just begun our Lenten journey this week with Ash Wednesday Mass.  Our class has been talking about the many ways we can grow closer to Jesus during the season of Lent. As a class we will pray more together. We will also work on a special Lenten book to help us develop a better understanding of Lent, Holy Week and Easter. As a school we will do good works. Our school will be collecting monetary donations for all of our city maintenance workers and bus drivers who have had an overload of work keeping us safe on our city streets this year. There will be containers by the office for any donations, which will be accepted between March 6th-April 12th. Participating in projects like these is a great way for our children to understand that they can make a difference in other people’s lives, and our care and concern for other people is what brings us closer to Jesus.

            Our March book report was included in last weeks Friday Folder. Again your children can pick their own books for their report as long as it at an appropriate reading level. Don’t forget to have your children turn in their February reports if they haven’t already. Everyone has been doing a great job presenting these reports, I can tell the children are definitely getting more excited about reading and they seem to like sharing what they have read with our class.

            Please mark your calendars, our class will be leading Mass on Friday April 26th, this Mass is also our Grandparent’s Day Mass. Please note that this Mass will be at 9:15, which is earlier than our usual time.  If your child has a reading for our Mass they will bring home their reading on the Monday before our Mass so they can practice at home as well as here at school.

            Lately our class has been working on earning some special activities. Every time we work together well or do something special as a group we earn a tally.  Once we earn our goal we get to do something special as a class.  Once we earn each goal we will begin working towards a new one.   I am hoping this is a good incentive for our class to work together and practice self-control.  I will be sure to notify you if there are special activities you would need to be aware of.

            The end of our 3rd quarter is March 22nd, so report cards will go home March 29th. Most report cards will not have much in terms of comments on them because we have had the opportunity to conference regarding your child’s progress recently. If you have any questions or concerns please let me know, I will be happy to arrange a conference with you.

            I hope you all enjoy our upcoming spring break. Hopefully the weather will cooperate and make it actually feel like a spring too!


Mrs. Walker