Happy New Year, and welcome back!  I hope you all enjoyed your holidays.  It’s hard to believe we are almost half way through this school year.  I look forward to the next five months of first grade with your children; we have so much more learning to do!

I will be sending home monthly book reports for the rest of this year. They will be sent home in your child’s Friday Folder with each monthly newsletter.  Your children can pick whatever book they would like for their reports.  These reports will be due by the end of each month, but have your child turn their report in whenever it is complete.  These book reports will be very simple.  My intention with these book reports is to encourage your children to read, most importantly, but also to read with a purpose.  I will have your children talk about their books with our class; this will hopefully increase their interest in a variety of books.  Please encourage your children to select books for their reports that are appropriate for their individual reading level.  These book reports will go into your child’s portfolio.  Please also encourage your child to do their best work for these reports.

Our second MAP tests will take place on Thursday, January 17th and Thursday, January 24th, if all goes according to plan. This is just for your information; there is nothing you need to do to prepare your child for these tests.

Our second quarter ended today so you can expect your child’s report card to go home next week Friday in your child’s Friday Folder.

For your information we will be celebrating Catholic Schools Week from January 28th through February 1st.  We will also be celebrating our 100th day of school on Tuesday January 29th, unless we have a snow day before this. You will receive more information about both events very soon, so please keep an eye on your child’s folders.

Many of your children need some of their supplies replenished. We use many of our supplies on a daily basis and I am noticing that both crayons and markers are showing signs of this daily use! Almost every child that I have noticed could definitely use new crayons at least and there are many that could use new markers as well. It would be very helpful if you could help your child replenish his/her needed supplies.

Our snack supply needs to be replenished again as well.  We could use more crackers, especially gram, fish and animal crackers; we could also use more pretzels. Various cereals are a very popular snack option as well. Thank you for helping supply snack for your children, this is a very important part of our day.

Just a reminder if you are looking for a way to get rid of any unwanted small toys or nick-knacks, please keep our classroom in mind.  I know I have made this request recently, but our prizes go quite quickly when the children are shopping each week and so we can always use extra fun items for our prize boxes.  It’s a great way to recycle some of that unwanted clutter.  These prizes are used as an incentive for your children, so you may get a little of that clutter back, but it truly is a great way to motivate the children.

If you have any questions or concerns please never hesitate to contact me.  Thank you for everything you do to help your children and our classroom.  I am looking forward to a great 2019 with your children!


Mrs. Walker