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Tuesday, May 21st

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Menke's class:

Please read for 20 minutes.

Mrs. Pelowski's class:

Please read for 20 minutes.

Your reading assignments count for Book It!

We will continue to do many written exercises throughput the year to reinforce reading strategies & skills.  
(prediction, context clues, visualizing, inferences, & vocabulary)


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Creative Writing:   

No Homework

Please write a 1-2  page single-sided story about a child's "quirk" that lives in the same town as Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle.  Be sure to have the child's parents call Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle for advice. Provide a name, problem, and a cure for the problem within your story. Draw a colorful picture of the child to go along with your story. Thank you!


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‚ÄčMrs. Menke:
No Homework/ We did lesson #104 in class today.

Mr. Jewison:

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No Homework

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  No Homework


Social Studies:

No Homework

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The fourth grade students will start their state reports next week with the help of Mrs. Kuehl who taught fourth grade at St. Stan's, but has since retired.  Mrs. Kuehl will join our class each week to provide a new lesson.  Mrs. Kuehl has a great passion for teaching social studies.  The research report will continue throughout the year using short assignments.  At the end of the school year, all information and assignments are gathered into one book report.  
They are truly a beautiful sight!

*We will continue to work on landforms, map skills, states, and capitals. 

Hey, kids!  If you have an extra minute, check this out:



No Homework

We are learning about similes and figurative language in English class. 


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 We will work to identify singular, plural, possessive, plural possessive, and proper nouns.  In addition, we are learning the correct use of adverbs, articles, interjections, and introductory phrases within our writing.

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No Homework

A spelling list and vocabulary packet will be sent home with your child every Monday. We will not have spelling the first week of school.  The spelling/vocabulary packet is due on or before Friday. On Wednesday, the class will take a pretest and it will be graded and sent home on Wednesday.  If your child misses no words on the pretest, they do not need to take the final test on Friday.  


 No Homework

We are reviewing the basic strokes within cursive letter formation such as downcurves, curve forward, double curves, over & undercurves, and slanted loops.

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