PTP Meeting Minutes


PTP Meeting held May 1st, 2018

In attendance:   Missy Schneider, Jana Korder, Gretchen Pozanc, Marie Buum, Erin Sturm, Amanda Slaggie, Celia Kaiser, Liz Biesanz, Lacey Konkel and Angie Troke

Jana brought in treats for everyone to enjoy.

Liz provided a financial report.  Ending balance for March was $11,501.75.    There are still some expenses that need to come in from April events.

Old Business:

Father Daughter Dance -   Approximately 75 families attended.   The night went very well.   The kids enjoyed the DJ, the photo booth, the high school dancer and all the sweets.

Grandparents & Grandfriends Day -  both events went well.   Some things to change for next year - maybe move back to the cafeteria at St. Stan's, rearrange the reception line at St. Stan's if done in the gym.   

End of Year Event - Carnival info will be sent out in parent packs until the event.   A deposit was paid for the inflatables and dunk tank.   There will be games, snacks and clowns.   The company we are renting items from will staff the inflatables and tank.   Aftercare staff will be on hand to help supervise the kids. 

Staff Appreciation -  A very fun week is planned for the staff.    Volunteers are still needed for helping with the luncheon and to sign up to bring an appetizer and/or dessert.   A flyer will be emailed out to families this Friday listing the student involvement for next week, each day the students will have something fun to do/wear.    The agenda for the week:
     Monday:  breakfast - green eggs & ham
     Tuesday:  snacks (appetizers)
     Wednesday:  Luncheon
     Thursday:  popcorn bar
     Friday:  treats (desserts)   

Below are the links to sign up:



Welcome Team -  Missy is waiting to connect with Linda to finalize details.   We can no longer ask the school for phone numbers or email addresses so the welcome packet will be given out at the beginning of the year in the packets that are given out to students.    Refreshments will be served at the open house.  

1st Day School Supplies - Flyers will go out within the next two weeks.  We are hoping the link will be live later this week.   $3 has been added to each box as a PTP fundraiser.  

PTP Endorsed Safety & Security Plan - Keith Kuehl is selling raffle tickets to raise money for phase 2 and 3 for the security improvements at both schools.   Jana had the tickets available for purchase tonight.   Drawing will be Friday, May 25th at the Eagles Club.   You can stop by the WACS Business Office if you would like to purchase some.   Keith has also volunteered to make badges for the PTP Executive Board and for Volunteers to wear at PTP sponsored events.    

Spirit Wear -  Jana provided examples of some clothing items we could sell next school year.    It is still being decided if we only offer flash sales for these items, if we preorder and have inventory on hand or if we do a combination.    We will look at selling some of the items at the Open Houses and the Block Party.   We will also look at the possibility of having names printed on the clothing at an additional charge.

6th Grade Graduation:   Thursday, May 24th.   Mass is at 12:15pm with a reception to follow.    Approximately 3 volunteers will be needed to help out. 

2018-2019 Executive Board:
     President:                           Missy Schneider
     Vice-President:                  Angie Troke
     Treasurer:                           Erin Sturm
     Secretary:                           Marcie Buum
     Volunteer Chairperson:   Laura Fitzgerald
     Past President:                  Jana Korder

Our next meeting will be September 2018!  Have a great summer!!

Contact: Marcie Buum