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Choristers (4,5,6) rehearse at St. Stan’s from 2:15-3:15 each Wednesday in the Music Room.
Cherubs (2,3) rehearse at St. Stan’s from 2:15-3:15 each Thursday in the Music Room.
When the children sing for Sunday Masses, they should arrive at church 45 minutes before Mass.  Children have combined rehearsals on the Fridays before they sing at Mass. 
October 7th               Cherubs and Choristers Friday practice at Cathedral.  We’ll car pool from St. Stan’s. (one time only rehearsal at Cathedral so we can become accustomed to our rehearsal space……drivers needed. 
October 9                   10:30 Mass
November 13             10:30 Mass
December 10              Saturday rehearsal at Cathedral 10:30AM -12:00
December 17              Saturday rehearsal at Cathedral 10:30AM-12:00
December 24              5:15 Mass Christmas Eve
January 15                  10:30 Mass
February 12                10:30 Mass
March 19                    10:30 Mass
April 16                       10:30 Mass – Easter Sunday
May14                         10:30 Mass  Mother’s Day
May 17 and 18             Last Children’s Choir rehearsals for the school year.
*Field Trip to Mt. Olympus to be announced