OFFICERS FOR 2017-2018
President: Faith Q.
VP: Patrick M.
Secretary: Ashlee M.
Treasurer: Carson R.
Publicity Director: Katelyn U.

  • President (6th grader) - will preside over meetings. The President oversees the work and progress of the council. The President is an active participant on committees.
  • Vice-President (5th grader) - will preside when President is absent and oversees the Community Service projects. The student council will participate in at least one service opportunity each year. The Vice President is an active participant on committees.
  • Treasurer (5th or 6th grader) - will make a financial report at meetings, handle fundraising, count money collected in events, and communicate financial data with the Student Council. The Treasurer is an active participant on committees.
  • Secretary (5th or 6th grader) - will keep minutes at meetings, distribute agendas and minutes, write thank you notes, and keep an organized binder of Student Council papers. Minutes of meetings are to be posted on the Student Council website within 2 days of the meeting. The Secretary is an active participant on committees.
  • Publicity Director (5th or 6th grader) - will design posters for events, advertise over the public address system.  Articles about upcoming events and progress of events are to be written for the Parent Newsletter and turned into the Student Council Advisor.