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Student’s Name:                                        Week of:  February 10th-13th



Special Notes:



Spelling words and reading packet go home today, these are due by Thursday of this week. The bingo sheets are provided for fun. The bingo words are a review of our memory words from units 1-8. This week we are focusing on our long vowel sounds, and our memory words.

The math unit review, comparing numbers, is optional. I do encourage your children to work on these over our long weekend.

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Spelling Words


1. blue

2. tie

3. heat

4. keep

5. would

6. could

7. some

8. one

9. new

10. were



Would you like a blue tie?


Memory Words













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Special Notes:


Our all school Mass is today at 9:45; everyone is welcome to join us!

Please remember your tennis shoes for tomorrow.

*Don’t forget our Valentine’s party is tomorrow afternoon.


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Special Notes:


We have a lot to remember for tomorrow!

*Library books.

*Tennis shoes.

*Reading packet.

*Spelling test.

(No school tomorrow for conferences and Monday for President’s Day.)

Enjoy the long weekend!

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Special Notes:

Chapters/Units the class is studying:

Reading – Unit 8 (Week 2) Let’s Put on a Play

Spelling – Long vowel words, and our memory words.

Math – Comparing Numbers, see unit review.

Religion – Jesus’ followers make a difference.

Science/Social Studies – Abraham Lincoln, and the planets.

Take a look at your child’s Friday Folder this week.


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