Thank you for stopping by!  I am Mrs. Menke and I feel very blessed to teach at Winona Area Catholic Schools for a fourth year.  What bright & magnificent students we have, as they are full of positive energy and more than eager to learn.  The students have proven themselves to be real troopers as we prepare ourselves for a new school year.  Way to go, kids!


Grace, Audrey & Brian 

As for me, I grew-up in Iowa City, Iowa with my folks, Kay & Larry, older sister, & older brother.  I simply adore my family, as they provide me with such unconditional love and friendship.  They are a fun bunch as they're always planning their next practical joke for some unsuspecting family member!  I graduated with a degree in Elementary Education from Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa, where I originally enrolled to obtain a degree in Veterinary Medicine.  My love for education & children lead me down the path of teaching.  I am forever grateful because I truly enjoy the sweet spirit of my students.  In addition, I have taught third & fifth grades in Iowa before moving to Winona when I married my husband, Kevin.  He has worked at Fastenal for 19 years as the Director of Engineers.  We have 3 children, Audrey, Brian & Grace, and 2 horses named “Benny & Ginger”, a large collie named “Sam”, a scruffy goldendoodle named "Henry", and two fuzzy cats named “Smudge & Bubba”.  We are fortunate to live on a farm, tucked behind rows of pine trees, where we have a garden, pastures, and a barn for our kids to maintain.  I like how the country lifestyle instills a strong work ethic; a quality I require in my students as well.  Grace is a sixth grader at St. Stan's in Mrs. Ubl's class, Brian is in eighth grade at Cotter Junior High, and my oldest daughter, Audrey, is in eleventh grade this year.  It is genuinely hard to believe where that time has gone, but I am sure you can relate as your children grow & change as well.  I have substitute taught & volunteered for WACS on many occasions over the past 13 years, and I have always enjoyed the students, faith based education, and the talented staff who genuinely care for each & every child.  We sincerely value you & consider you the most important member of our WACS family!

Grace & Ginger

This school year I am truly fortunate because I am teaching fourth grade for a second year!  I absolutely enjoy this age of children because they are inquisitive, kind, and very fun! I am working closely with Mrs. Skeels, who teaches the other fourth grade class, to enrich and challenge our core curriculum subjects of reading, writing, science, social studies, and math.  Mrs. Skeels is an absolute fabulous teacher to collaborate with, as she is always positive, hard-working & thinks of new ways to make learning intrinsically inspiring for her students.  I am happy she shares these qualities with me.  This year, we have partnered with Mr. Jewison to break-up the fourth grade class into three small groups to instruct math.  This will reduce class-size to maximize individual instruction time for each child.  All other core curriculum subjects are taught by the homeroom teacher.  My particular group of fourth grade students consist of 21 hard-working kiddos who are bright & creative.  I feel so blessed to be able to teach these wonderful kids! 

I welcome you to contact me at any time!  The door to my classroom (room #114) is always open, so please feel free to join us for some reading, writing & math fun!  The children simply beam with pride to have a parent visit our class, so feel free to walk in and grab a chair. I genuinely hope to see you!

As I close this introduction, and most importantly, I want to thank you for your strong partnership.   You are your child’s most important teacher and I support you!  I will work hard to instill your good moral character throughout the school year.  We will have a super time working together in the best interest of your family! 
Warm Wishes Always,                 

Mrs. Jane Menke