Guidelines for Using the Library

*Be Safe:
~Enter and exit the library calmly
~Walk at all times
~Keep hands and feet to self
~Sit in chairs with all four legs on the ground
~Use shelf markers for their intended purpose only

*Be Respectful:
~Use a soft voice level while choosing and checking out books so that others may read
~Listen to the speaker by giving them your full attention
~Follow teacher directions
~Raise your hand to speak during large group work
~Wait patiently for a turn to speak or check out books
~Take care of books and magazines.

*Be Responsible:
~Come to your library time with the books/magazines you need to return or renew
~Return or renew books/magazines on time
~Keep books/magazines in good shape and away from pets, little kids, and food/beverages
~Read silently after choosing or checking out library books/magazines
~Put away things you are finished using.

*Students in grades 1-2 may have a total of 2 books OR 1 book and 1 magazine at any given time.  A student in grades 3-6 may have a total of 2 books and 1 magazine checked out at any given time.

*Materials may be checked out for one week at a time if students are in grades 1-2.  Materials may be checked out for two weeks at a time by students in grades 3-6. If a student has not finished a book and wishes to keep it for more than the allotted time, he or she may bring it back and renew it, or check it out for another period of the same amount of time.

*If books are not returned on the due date, and the student has the maxiumum number of items checked out, the student is not allowed to check out more books.

*An overdue book list is sent to the classroom each week and the students are reminded to return the materials.

*If library materials are not returned to the library by the end of the school year, parents are expected to pay for any library items which have been lost, damaged, or destroyed.


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