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Meet Mrs. King


Welcome to Preschool!! My name is Jamie King and I am incredibly excited to be your child’s Preschool teacher.  I teach the "Flex" preschool classes at St. Mary's. "Flex" meaning: flexible in age - both 3 & 4 year olds & flexible in attendance days according to parent selection.

This is my third year teaching at WACS, the first two I worked in Educare, often working with Preschool students either before or after their Preschool experience. I have 18 years of early childhood experience and really enjoy working with small children.

I live in Winona with my husband Ryan and our three children. Matthew is our oldest; he graduated from Cotter High School in 2017 and is now a freshman in college. Ayanna is a sixth grader at St. Stan’s.  In October of 2016 we adopted Harmony; she is currently a second grader at St. Stan’s.

When I’m not at school I really enjoy spending time with my family. We love hockey, frisbee golf, boating, and my favorite…traveling!!! I was fortunate to take a trip to Europe this summer and enjoyed every moment.

I’m excited to be in preschool this year and can’t wait for all the fun we will have learning and getting to know each other. I have decided to keep the poem below that Mrs. Norton had on this site last year, it sums up very nicely what I hope to do as a I replace such an exceptional teacher.

Your Teacher,

Mrs. King

Kids Are My Business

by Robin Squire


How lucky am I? At work each day

I get to help children learn and play,

And keep them safe so they will grow

Into adults I'll be glad to know.


How proud am I? I guide today's youth

To strive for knowledge, goals, and truth.

I know I play an important part

In inspiring them to take learning to heart.


How grateful am I? I value so much

The smiles that I win and the lives that I touch.

I love earning the trust of each girl and boy.

Children are my business, as well as my joy!


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