What About Bullying?

One of the most talked about topics in schools these days is the issue of bullying.  Throw in the new reality of cyber-bullying, which we hear so much about due to the explosion of social media with young people, and many parents are left to wonder "how does all this affect my child?"

The documents below and several of the links on the Resource for Parents section are good discussion starters for parents and children.


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Teasing or Bullying
How to tell the difference beween a joke or bullying.
Thinking Ahead Worksheet
Sooner or later, most of us have to deal with a bully. Think carefully and answer the questions on this worksheet. Then keep the answers in a handy place. They may offer you some helpful advice when you feel you are in an awkward situation with someone you know.
Don't Stand By Worksheet
Use these situations to come up with your own responses when you feel you are being bullied.
Interviewing Family Members
Use these questions to interview adult friends or family members about their bullying experiences.

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