Classroom Policies

August 25, 2017

Dear Parents,

Hello! Below you will find important information that is specific to our kindergarten classroom. If you have any question about the information printed below, please don’t hesitate to ask! Thanks!

Book Clubs
Occasionally your child will be bringing home book club order forms. These will be sent home quite frequently therefore, don’t feel obligated to order books every time. You are able to order and pay for books right online! For every online order that is placed, we receive a free book for our classroom!


Birthdays are a big event in a young child’s life. However, I’d like to ask that birthday invitations NOT be sent to school unless all of the class is invited. This will prevent any hurt feelings or misunderstandings that may occur. Furthermore, if your child would like to bring a treat to school they are more than welcome to. If your child would rather donate a favorite book or an item from the classroom wish list they are more than welcome to. However, bringing in a treat or donating a book or item to the classroom is COMPLETELY OPTIONAL! We will celebrate each child’s birthday on that given day (on Friday/Monday if the birthday is on a weekend). We will celebrate those students who have summer birthdays during their star student week!

Your child will have gym on Tuesday afternoons and Wednesday mornings. Mrs. Lilla is the gym teacher. On the days that your child has gym, please send a pair of tennis shoes with your child. Thanks!

We have library time on Tuesday mornings. Mrs. Pyle is the librarian. Each student will have the opportunity to check out two books per week. Please help your child remember to bring his/her books back to school before Tuesday each week! If your child forgets their books, they will not be able to check out new books until the others are returned. Thanks!

Each child should keep an extra set of clothing in their backpack at all times. Occasionally, incidents may arise that entail your child to need an extra set of clothing (illness, accident etc). Feel free to keep this set of clothing in a labeled plastic Ziploc bag in your child’s backpack. Thank you!

Surprise Box
Later this fall, the Surprise Box will be sent home on various days. The Surprise Box is a guessing activity for the children. Each child will have the opportunity to take to the Surprise Box home and put an item into it. Then he/she will bring the box back to school. The given child will give clues about their item. The other children in the class will then have the opportunity to solve what is in the box. The children have a great time with this. There will be directions on the box that you can follow! Thanks!


When your child has the opportunity to be the Star Student, they may bring in special toys, dolls etc... they like to play with. However I am asking that when your child is not the star student that they refrain from bringing toys to school! Thank you!

Take Home Folders

All paperwork, newsletters, order forms etc...will be placed in your child’s daily take home folder every day. Folders should be emptied every day and sent back to school. If you have any notes that need to be seen by me, feel free to place them in your child’s folder. Many parents have also found it quite useful to attach it to the folder with a paperclip! Thanks!

Homework Folder
Your child will also have a homework folder that will be sent home twice a month. Please keep this folder separate from the daily take home folder. Please make sure that your child’s homework is returned in this folder upon the due date!



Our school day begins at 7:45 but the children are welcomed into the classrooms starting at 7:30. If a child arrives earlier than 7:30, they are invited to sit on the blue bench outside of the classroom! Please try to have your child here by 7:45 so we can start our day promptly! Moreover, our school day ends at 2:10. Children will be escorted out the front doors to meet their buses and their parents. If you have any questions about this, feel free to let me know! Thanks!

Finally, if you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to call me here at school (452-2890 Ext. 2104). You can also call my cell phone (429-1731) or email me at Thank so much!


Mrs. Jennifer Hermsen