Welcome to the Reading Resource Room
I am Joan Broadwater, the reading specialist at St. Stan's School for first, second and third grade students. My job is to equip our students with strategies to meet their style of learning so that they may become independent, successful and confident readers. Research shows the importance of building a strong foundation early in the process of learning to read. Intervention that is offered early will facilitate success in learning to read. The Triumphs Intervention program provides additional systematic teaching and practice to help children learn the skills and strategies important for proficient reading. Aligned with the child's classroom instructional goals and objectives, the program optimizes the learning opportunities and outcomes for children at risk. Click on the individual grade buttons to see what each grade is working on during the week or to find out more about me!

You are invited to stop in my room anytime and see what great things are happening in the reading resource room!

Joan Broadwater

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