November Newsletter

 November, 2018

Dear Families,


         Happy November! November is my favorite month.  It is a time when we can slow our world down and take time to think about the people and things that give value and worth to our lives.  In prayer we can thank God for his Love and Gifts.  I thank God for the blessings he has given me; 17 very special children to love!!  These children are so mindful!  What a gift they are to our world!


        I do feel the children and I have been blessed with two parents who are so mindful and so aware of the special ways they can show us such kindness and care.  At this point I feel it is so important for the children to witness God’s love through their parents.  Julia’s Dad, thank you for bringing in games that the children just love playing.  Equally important, they are learning to work together and play together and appreciate each other.  Ireland Q.’s Dad, thank you for making little builders of our first graders.  They learned something new, fun and exciting that day.  Once again, they learned to work together and appreciate each other.  God is good!

                    I really enjoyed our conferences together in October.  It is so much fun learning about your children and seeing them through your eyes and with your heart.  It is so beautiful to see and feel the sincere love you have for your children.  You gave me such good understanding of who your children are and I felt great direction in making first grade a meaningful experience for the children and for me.  Sincere thanks!!


        We will not be celebrating any birthdays in November.


I will not be sending a Scholastic book order form home this month since we will be having our Book Fair at St. Stan’s November 13 – 16th.  More information will be coming home soon on this event.

 On the Tuesday afternoon before Thanksgiving (November 20th),  the first  grade children  will have a First Grade Family Feast.  We will put our desks together to make a banquet table, put placemats

and nametags on our table and share food of the

children’s choice.  In the past we have had foods such as

fruit, veggies, crackers, nuts, juice, hot chocolate etc.

I’ll send a note home later with the children’s special

requests for their feast. 


        At our celebration the children will give thanks for all their special blessings!  I, of course will take pictures and they will go into the children’s First Grade Scrapbook!


Take Care,


Jani Giaquinto