January Newsletter


January 8, 2019

Dear Families,

It was so good to get back to school with the children.  I told them that now they are first graders getting ready for second grade.  We will be working hard with that in mind. 

The children continue to work at doing grown up things in school. They love to earn tiger bucks so they can make purchases at our Tiger Buck Store. Thank you for helping me stock the shelvesin our Tiger Buck Store. 


I am always looking for kind words and kind gestures but most of all I appreciate when the children are aware of each others feelings and the many, many ways they can take care of each other and have that happy feeling inside for doing that. To be mindful is so meaningful!  We will be incorporating some calming & mindful  yoga moves into our practice.

We still continue to work on being good listeners and grown up, responsible first graders.  We are starting something new this New Year.  The children will each have two warm fuzzy bags. One colored one will be to collect warm fuzzies (small pom-poms)  that they earn for being mindful and kind to others. The other colored one will have warm fuzzies (small pom-poms) that they will give to classmates when they see them being mindful and doing kind things for others. I have never done anything like this before in the classroom and I am anxious to see the good things that will happen knowing the thoughtfulness that I see with your children.  I believe this can be a good and realistic way to build character for our children.  To repeat, to be mindful is so meaningful!   It can make good things happen!

We are celebrating one birthday in January.  Brinley’s birthday

is Thursday,January 24th.  What a special day that will be

 for us!

Please send in one box of snacks for our hungry little workers later in the month.  Thanks!

Until next time...

Take Care,

Jani Giaquinto