March Newsletter

March, 2018

Dear Families,

Strengthening our faith and making God’s presence in our lives means more than a 30 – 45 minute Religion lesson each day.  Our goal is to realize the significance and reality of God’s presence and love in our lives throughout each and every day. I love to listen to your children when they express ways that they feel God in our world.  I, so many times, feel God and his love in our world through your children; when they are kind to each other, when they are thoughtful and do things to help each other, when they include others who feel left out and are sad, when they share the love of Jesus with each other, when they pray together. How much we learn from our children!

We made a Lenten bulletin board and your children

put it together with their hearts. They can explain

to you what that means.  It does have a very special

meaning and it is so touching! This is what Love looks like!


On Tuesday March 5th, the kindergarteners came over for a visit.  Our first graders partnered up with them and shared with them a day in first grade.  Your children were remarkable! The week before they sent letters to them welcoming them to St. Stan’s and first grade.  I hear the kindergarten children were very excited to get the letters.  While the kindergarteners were here, the first graders were so kind and helpful. It was just beautiful to see them working together and then sharing a snack, which is always a big hit.  A Special Moment!

We will be praying the Stations of the Cross in the classroom. Every year when I read to the children about Jesus, his journey, his crucifixion and death, I am so

moved by their questions and their want to know, to understand and

appreciate the unconditional and endless love that Jesus has for us.


They really are trying to understand Judas’ role in this and they are obviously

so sad.  Our children love Jesus so much and they are genuinely sad when we present his story and the Stations of the Cross.  I feel so blessed to be a part of their sincere emotions.


Birthday Celebrations this month.

Nolan We are celebrating Nolan’s birthday on Friday, March 8th.  

Julia – We are celebrating Julia’s (3/4’s) birthday on Thursday, March 28th.  Her birthday is actually on Friday, June 28th. 

Grace – We are celebrating Grace’s (3/4’s) birthday on Friday, March 29th.  Her birthday is Sunday, June 30th.


                  Special request.  Would the girls please bring in a snack for the

                    class? Will the boys please bring in a box of kleenex?

                   Thank You!

 Until next time…

Take Care,

Jani Giaquinto