Literature Students will:
-read for enjoyment
-develop an appreciation for literature

Students will:
-become familiar with correct strokes used in the Zaner Bloser method of handwriting
-form capital and lower case letters correctly
-print first and last names correctly

Language Arts/Reading Readiness Students will:
-express ideas orally
-make predictions
-summerize stories
-recognize opposites
-recognize capital and lower case letters
-recognize beginning sounds
-recognize color words
-identify days of the week

Mathematics Students will:
-count sets to 20
-recognize numerals 0-20 out of sequence
-recognize patterns
-identify shapes
-write the numerals 0-9
-read and develop graphs
-identify pennies,nickels,dimes and quarters
-develop addition and subtraction readiness skills

Students will:
-make inferences and appy knowledge to solve problems
-become aware of their five senses
-recognize similiarities and differences of the four seasons
-make predictions,hypothesize, and experiment

Social Studies
Sudents will:
-understand that people everywhere live in families and that families have similarities and differences
-understand that all people have basic needs: food,clothing and shelter
-recite their address,phone number, and full name

students will:
-experience a variety of media integrated into various subject areas.

Students will:
-develop an enjoyment for different types of music
-sing for enjoyment
-learn common liturgical songs

Physical Education
Students will:
-develop small and large motor skills
-develop body awareness
-be exposed to team work and cooperation activities

Students will:
-work on reading and math readiness skills
-use learning games

Students will:
-be able to demonstrate the Sign of the Cross
-recite the Hail Mary
-recite the Our Father
-be aware of different church seasons
-participate in weekly Paraliturgies
-enjoy stories from the Bible

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