Spelling words for the week of January 20th-25th.

Our Spelling test will be Friday Jan. 25th.

  1. baking
  2. baked
  3. smiling
  4. smiled
  5. oh
  6. any
  7. day
  8. good
  9. very
  10. want


Sentence: "It was a very good day," she said as she smiled.


Our spelling words this week are our super e words with the /ed/ and /ing/ ending. We will go through these words every day in school but I also encourage you to help your child study his/her spelling words and sentence throughout the week at home. Again our words are quite challenging, focus on the sounds, word patterns and reading our words, no need to stress about spelling. Many of the homework pages are intended to help your child work with our spelling words. Your child’s homework sheets are due by Friday, January 25th, but they can turn them in early if they finish before this. The reading fluency page, and spelling list sheets do not need to be turned in.

Thank you,
Mrs. Walker





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