2018-2019 ROOM REPS:

Mrs. Ubl:                        Coleman G./Bella K.

Mrs. Schauer:                Carson R./Katelyn U.

Mrs. Nadeau:                  Kallan P.

Mr. Skeels:                     Macy D.

Mrs. Menke:                   Will P.

Mrs. Skeels:                   Molly K.

Mrs. Ratz:                     Kaleb K.

Mr. Feuerhelm:                Macs N.

Sister Marie Faustina:   Brody K.


Homeroom Representatives are elected in the fall in third through sixth grade classrooms.  

Homeroom Representatives will share meeting information from Student Council meetings with homerooms and help on committees.

Third grade representatives serve 3rd grade homerooms.
Fourth grade representatives serve 4th grade homerooms.
Fifth grade representatives serve 5th grade homerooms.
Sixth grade representatives serve 6th grade homerooms.

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