Tuition Rates

The cost of educating a child in WACS is over $6,000.00, with approximately 50% of this cost coming from parish subsidy, 25% coming from tuition (net of discounts), and 25% from fundraising, development and other sources. Based on these figures,WACS has established the following rates for the current school year...

Tuition Rates 2018-2019 School Year:
Multi-Aged Preschool 2 day: $870
Multi-Aged Preschool 3 day: $1,305
Multi-Aged Preschool 4 day: $1,740
Multi-Aged Preschool 5 day: $1,930
3-day Preschool: $1,305
5-day Preschool: $1,930
Grades K: $1,100
Grades 1-6: $1,600

The following plan continues:
2 children - Discount of 5% total tuition
3 children- Discount of 15% total tuition
4 or more children - Discount of 25% total tuition

(Please note: Children in EduCare and Preschool do not qualify for the family discount or financial aid since these programs are designed to be self-supporting.)

**Not sure your family can afford WACS? Financial aid opportunities are available to families. Please inquire with our Admissions Director when discussing tuition costs!**