January 14-18

The spelling list has 15 words.  If the student gets them all right, they will have a challenge list for Friday.  If one of the words that they miss is #13,#14, or #15 they will also move on to the challenge.
We have a list every week except the 2 or 3 day weeks.  We also have a review list every 6 weeks or so.
There is a dictated sentence after each list as well.
The Pretest is on Monday and the Posttest is on Friday.
My class will also bring home a spelling packet on Monday that is due on

This week we will have a review list so there will not be a spelling packet
Dictated sentence:  Where is the large heavy chair?
On Level:first, where, large, skirt, board, cheer, stare, dear, start, roar, chair, wore, young, heavy, once

Beyond:  none this week, if you pass Monday, you do not have to take a test on Fri.