Hello Everyone,

I hope that you enjoyed your Christmas break with your family.  We are ready to come back and finish the 2nd quarter.
I will be testing the students this week using the benchmark from the beginning of the year.  I will be sending home a progress report with your child next week.

Our first graders are still  using a PALS program along with some basic letter recognition and memory words.  In PALS the children are working on blending sounds together.  
We have met all of our new SUPERKIDS characters and we just started to read short stories that go with the characters.
We are taking turns bringing home a bag with a journal and 4-5 short stories.  Please take time to listen to your children read these stories and then sign the journal before sending it back to school.

Second graders are using the SUPERKIDS program as well.  They have been working on many blends and vowel teams already.  They will also take turns bringing home short stories to read and practice.
We continue to work on word recognition, phonics, phonemic awareness, fluency and automaticity.

Third graders have been reviewing short vowel sounds, long vowel sounds, VCV and VCVe patterns.
We are going to be using our journals in class to practice our writing strategies as well as our reading strategies.
I have a few pictures posted on the photo gallery.
Happy New Year!

Cheryl Wilma

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