All About Mrs. Nadeau

Hello! My name is Deedee Nadeau (rhymes with meadow). Let me tell you a little bit about myself:
Education Information:
I graduated from Regis High School in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and then went on to Saint Mary's College here in Winona.
In college, I studied environmental biology and art.
Upon moving back to Winona, I worked in the Children's House (preschool and kindergarten) for ten years at Bluffview Montesorri School. I worked there as they went through the process of becoming a charter school, which was very interesting. I loved the Montessori method of teaching and I still incorporate a lot of it in my classroom.
I soon decided to go back to school at Saint Mary's to get my degree in elementary education, which I did. (That wasn't easy with two little boys at home at the time.) But it was worth it when I was hired by WACS to teach 5th grade at St. Stan's in the fall of 1998.

Personal Information:
First of all, I am proud to be from Cedar Rapids, Iowa. I loved growing up there! I am the youngest of 6 children - I have one sister and 4 brothers. I met my husband, Donny, at Saint Mary's. We got married and eventually moved back to Winona, where he worked as the sports editor at the Winona Daily News, La Crosse Tribune, and currently  is the Sports Information Director at Saint Mary's University.
We have two sons. Andy graduated from Saint Mary's with a degree in environmental biology and received his master's degree in Raptor Biology from Boise State. He is employed by Saint Mary's in their GIS Department. Joey graduated from Saint Mary's and has his master's degree in Geographic Information Systems (GIS). He works as the WInona County GIS analyst.
I pretty much love everything about the outdoors. For the past 9 summers, Donny and I have traveled west and have enjoyed tent camping in our beautiful national parks for weeks at a time.  My husband and I also love to kayak on the river. I love to bike, fish, tent camp, and hike in the mountains. I am fascinated by the night sky and enjoy teaching others how to find constellations. But, of course, my favorite activity is bird watching! We live in a great area to see all kinds of birds. After a class of students did not know the name of a blue jay when I held up a picture of one, I now try to pass on my bird knowledge to my students by teaching a new Minnesota bird every week. They amaze me with how fast they learn the facts and the song of each bird! I also love sports - especially hockey. My favorite football teams are the Denver Broncos and the Iowa Hawkeyes.
I feel very privileged to work at St. Stan's. I am surrounded by wonderful students and fantastic teachers!

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