January, 2019

Happy New Year!   I look forward to working with you and your child this new year.


Some students received the sacrament of Reconciliation last month and others will receive this month.  Preparing for this sacrament has taught us all about making good choices and the gift of forgiveness.


Catholic School’s Week is the last week in January.  We always plan many fun activities to celebrate our schools. A calendar will come home the week before explaining everything.

Remember to send in boots, snow pants, mittens and hats now that the colder weather is here.  Even though there is not much snow, it is important for the children to still have boots for warmth.  I also advised them to have an extra pair of socks and pants in their lockers, in case they need them.

As our second quarter approaches the end , know that I love teaching your children and working with such supportive parents.

Julie Conover