High Frequency Sight Words

During the school year the students will be introduced to many high frequency sight words.  When they are introduced in the classroom, please look for them listed below on the website as well as in my bi-monthly newsletter.  The students will work hard to gain automaticity as we introduce many throughout the school year.  Looking for and identifying them as you read to your child will help them gain confidence in their ability to read and recognize words they know! Another great resource for high frequency sight words is the Dolch Sight Word List on the web! Check that out! Many kids are ready for many more words to read by sight!  Make flashcards, but start with the ones they know before moving on to more.  Once they are fluent (1-2 seconds) add more to their stack!  

There will be many more words that the kindergartners can decode by sounding out! In the future, each child will be bringing home a decodable book to read. A large plastic bag will be sent home so that the kids have a spot to keep all the books they can read. Each book focuses on sight words, certain sounds and decoding. Practice often! 
Our list of high frequency sight words!

The kindergartners are able to blend and sound out words that have the middle sound of /a/, /i/. /o/
The consonants that we have worked on have been: /m/, /s/, /p/, /t/, /f/, /c/, /n/
Examples of words that they can read (not limited to): am, it, map, cat,  Pam, tip, etc. 
The children can blend and segment two, three and some four sound words!
Examples (not limited to): and, an, cup, sat, tip, clap, flat, lamp, cot, fox

We have also learned about Word Families! -am, -at
ham, jam, yam, dam, etc.
cat, rat, sat, hat, mat, etc.

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