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Daily Schedule

7:45  Classroom opens. Children are welcomed and encouraged to choose an activity at the Science Table, in the Dramatic Play Area, from Math Works or Word Works, or from the toys on the shelves. Teachers lead small-group projects.

8:35  Morning Meeting:  prayer, greeting, morning message, energizer (action rhyme or song)

8:50  Bathroom break

8:55  Prayer and snack, followed by books, puzzles, Math Works and Word Works

9:15  Circle Time: calendar, weather, Super Star, story.

9:35  Whole group learning activity or Centers.

10:20  Outside or gym time

10:40  Children are dismissed to parents or taken to Educare.

Weekly Activities

       In addition to our regular daily activities, our class visits the library once a week for story time with Mrs.Pyle. Stories are either part of our study themes or are just for fun. Whatever the type of stories, they help children develop print awareness and an appreciation of literature.
      We also participate in a weekly paraliturgy. This is a church service with scripture readings, stories, and songs that teach our Catholic faith and reinforce the Christian virtues that are part of our every day actions.
       We visit the Computer Lab  once a week for learning activities with our technology leader. We begin by helping the children become used to handling  and using the mouse effectively. Some children come to school already well-versed in computer use, but not all children have had as much exposure. All computer learning activities are presented as games, and children advance at their own pace.