March 30, 2020


Dear Families,

Hello!  Happy Monday!  Once again, I hope this letter finds you all safe and healthy!  I am truly missing you all and am constantly praying for your continued safety and well-being!  It was so nice to see many of the kiddos’ faces at our Zoom meetings last week!  I am hoping to hold our next Zoom meeting on Wednesday night at 6:30 pm.  I am changing up the time a bit as I hope to be able to reach those kiddos that were not able to make the last meetings!  I think it is truly important for the kiddos to see their classmates faces during this time of uncertainty.  It is also so nice to be able to hear their voices and catch up on what they have been doing the last few weeks!  I would also be more than happy to “meet” with the kiddos one on one or in small groups via Zoom.  If your child would like to set up a “meeting,” just let me know!  We will find a time to “meet?”

I am going to include the following paragraph in this weekly letter again because I feel we all need this reminder right now! Please reread it as you begin the week!  Be patient with yourself and remember that we are all in this together!

 I know that a lot of you are probably trying to juggle work and now having to teach your child at home.  Please find a schedule that works for you.  There is no one way to do this.  We are ALL learning as we go.  Please be patient with yourself!  You are doing the best you can do!  Remember your kiddos are also learning when they are snuggled up in your lap listening to a story.  They are learning when they are playing with you or with their siblings.  They are learning when they are building a fort out of pillows and blankets.  They are learning when they are building with Legos.  They are learning when they are coloring.  They are learning when they playing board games, going on scavenger hunts and even doing simple science experiments.  They are learning when they are helping you in the kitchen or helping with chores around the house.  They are learning when they are drawing/coloring a picture.  They are learning when they are playing outside and looking at how the seasons are changing.  Your kiddos are learning every day and they have some amazing people to look up to!  You are ALL wonderful teachers!


Open My Heart-please keep working on this throughout Lent.  If there are things listed that you cannot do because of social distancing, feel free to find other way to show that you are a child of God! 

Stations of the Cross Booklet

Please listen to stations 6-10 in the Stations of the Cross video at  I will email this link out as well.  If the link doesn’t work, just do a search and type in Stations of the Cross for Children. 

Then, color stations 6-10 in your Stations of the Cross booklet. Use your best kindergarten coloring.  You may use crayons or your colored pencils.  Talk about these stations with mom/dad.  How do they make you feel?  How do you think Jesus was feeling?  Take a picture of 3 of the stations that you colored (6-10) and send them to me via email! 



This week we will continue working on Number Bonds.  Number Bonds are the first step in addition.  There was a letter in your manilla folder last week explaining how number bonds work.  Please complete the math packet.  This a bigger packet than last week.  Please work on it according to what works best with your kiddo!  If you have any questions about number bonds, please do not hesitate to ask.




There is a reading packet in your child’s homework folder. It has a a list of memory words on blue card stock.  This packet focuses on CVC words, syllables, synonyms and memory words. Feel free to work on this packet at your own pace.  The memory words can be cut apart and used as flashcards and also used to build sentences to write on the ice cream paper. Feel free to put a sheet of ice cream paper in a page protector and use the dry erase marker to write on it.


SuperKIds’s Workbook

This week we are focusing on the letter Vv. Please review the letter Pp on the online portal as well as “The Odd Picnic,” Practice reading “The Odd Picnic.”

Once again, there is a lesson for each day this week. It usually works best to do a lesson per day but please do what works best for your child.

Lesson 1

Page 12-Find the speech balloon above the SuperKids. Read what the SuperKids are saying. What’s wrong with Golly?  Look at the woman with the white coat.  Why do you think the SuperKids are asking her for help? That is right, she is a veterinarian.  An animal doctor is called a veterinarian, or vet for short.  Tell mom/dad what you know about a veterinarian.

Listen to the “Vv” song. After listening to the song, answer how Golly’s leg got cut. (He stepped on a piece of glass) What did the vet say she’d do?  (She would drive a van to Golly and help him)   You will find out how the vet helps Golly in a story that you will read later this week. Vet starts with the sound /v/.  Listen to the Vv song on the SuperKids’ online portal.  Find the pictures on this page that start with the /v/ sound.  (vase, van, violin, vacuum cleaner) Circle the pictures that start with the /v/ sound. Find the uppercase and lowercase Vv on page 12.  Look at the letters on the white van. Find the letter Vv’s on the van and circle them.

Practice writing the uppercase and lowercase Vv on page 13. Uppercase Vv-start at the strawberry line, slant right to the chocolate line and slant back up to the strawberry line. Lowercase Vv-start at the vanilla line, slant right to the chocolate line and slant back up to the vanilla line.


Lesson 2-pages 14-16

Look at pages 14-15. The pictures on page 15 show what happened after Golly cut his foot. Cut along the green lines to separate the pictures from the page and then cute along the blue lines to separate each picture. Read the sentences on page 14 and glue the picture that corresponds with each sentence.  Read the story together.  Then have children find a word in the story with an apostrophe and an s. Have them circle the word.  (Golly’s)  On page 16, listen to the audio recording on the SuperKids’ Online Portal.  Circle the letter that stands for the sound you hear at the beginning of each picture’s name. 

Lesson 3  pgs 17-21 Preview the memory words and the decodable words from the story (put, for, vet, hospital, vest, animals, gull, visit, present)  These are words that you will read in today’s story.  The first two are memory words.  These are words that you just have to remember.  The other words are to be sounded out by blending the letter sounds.  Look at page 17.  Read the title, The Pet Hospital.    Review what a hospital is for.  The vet took Golly to the pet hospital because he cut his leg on a piece of glass. 

Listen to the audio recording of “A Pet Hospital,” on the online portal.  Have children follow along with the pictures. 

Read the story “The Pet Hospital” together with your child.  Have them use their witch’s finger. 

Answer these questions while reading:

  1.  Describe the setting.
  2. How do you think Golly is feeling?
  3. What is Frit’s idea?  Why does he do this?
  4. What information does the sign by the door give?
  5. What gifts are the SuperKids giving to Golly?
  6. Who are Lily and Cass giving a gift to?
  7. What is Alf putting in the pot?
  8. Why is a plant a good gift for a rabbit?
  9. What are the SuperKids writing on the tags? 
  10. Why are they putting the tags on presents?
  11. What is the vet’s gift?
  12. How can you tell that the SuperKids are glad to see Golly?
  13. How do you think Golly feels?
  14. Why do you think the SuperKids made gifts for Golly and the other animals?
  15. What do you think Golly will do with the flowers and the Dog Bits?
  16. What do you think the other animals will do with their presents?
  17. How did the SuperKids’ feelings change from the beginning to the end of the story?



Lesson 4 pgs 17-23

Listen to the audio of “The Pet Hospital” on the SuperKids’ Online portal.  This is the comprehension activity.  It will give directions to the kiddos as to what they are to do. 

Page 17-Circle the picture of Fritts.

Page 18= X the dog bit that Oswald is putting in the vest pocket.

Page 19-Underline the word plant.

Page 20-Underline the word gift.

Page 21-Circle the picture of Golly.

Review the memory word “for.”  Does this word mean who or what something belongs to or the number 4?  Trace the word “for” in the first line and then write the word for on the remaining lines.  Have children cut and glue the pictures of the gifts in the correct boxes next to the tag. 


Page 23-Introduce the word synonym.  Look at the word “gift” in the top row.  Find another word in that row that has the same meaning as “gift.”  The word is “present.”  These two words are synonyms because they have the same meaning.  Continue with the remaining rows! 



Feel free to log onto Mrs. Berhow’s online website at  or her WACS ART VOICE INSTAGRAM PAGE @wacsartvoice.



I will be teaching journals online this week!  Look for a video link later today or early tomorrow morning. 

First Journal Entry- A plant needs water, sun, air and soil. 


Let’s Find Out

There is a leaflet about frogs in your packet.  Read about the frogs and do the activity page on the back. 


Continue working on your reading log and your movement mat!  Feel free to do these when you need some wiggle time!


I miss you all!  Please have mom and dad email me if they have any questions!  Sending lots and lots of hugs!  Please tell mom and dad that I have included all the links they will need on my website!   I will also be emailing out a list of links later today! 


Mrs. Hermsen




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