January 2019



Happy New Year!

I hope that you enjoyed your time with your family during Christmas Break.  I know that I sure did.

Thank you very much for the wonderful gifts that you sent with your children on the last day of the year.  I really appreciated everything; it was very kind of you.

We are all ready to start a new year. This week, we will spend time getting back in the routine of things and reviewing a few things in Reading and Math.  The end of the quarter will be here soon so we will also be trying to finish a few units in Science and Religion.

We will have our next class Mass on Wednesday, January 23rd.

We will be starting book reports also.  The first one for January will be a book of choice that the children need to read by themselves and answer a few questions.  I will send the form home today, it is a mitten. I am suggesting that the children choose a book at their level that is more than a picture book.  They will have the entire month to work on it and they can record their minutes read on their Book-It calendars.   Please save this mitten form and have the children fill out by the end of the month.  It will be due Jan. 28th, so we have time to share them on the 29th and 30th.  This will give them experience on both written and oral skills.  Each month the report will be a different format.  If your child attends class with Mrs. Lentner they will not be doing the book report.  I am also attaching the January Book It calendar to track minutes.  There is a January Book Order attached as well.  This will be due on Friday.

As the weather continues to be cold, remember to bundle up. I suggest bringing or keeping an extra pair of socks in the backpack or locker to put on after a cold day in the snow.  We usually will go out unless it is below zero.

I would like to wish you and your family a blessed New Year!

Mrs. Cheryl Wilma

January 23 9:45 Mass is led by our class.

January 28-February 1 Catholic Schools Week (more info later)

Star Students:

Jan. 7-11 Ashton

Jan. 14-18 Dakota

Jan. 21-25 Arielle (may be rescheduled)

Jan. 28-Feb. 1 Gavin



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