Hello Parents,
I hope that you were able to enjoy your spring break.  I was very saddened by the news when I returned from my trip, that school would not be resumed until further notice. We know of at least March 30th.
I miss the students and I am sure that they miss coming to school as they are always so excited to learn new things.

As you know, our staff has been working hard on coming up with many ways to communicate with your children during this lockdown.  I am working on a plan to connect with your students to check in on their progress.
I sent a packet home with their child's teacher.  In the packet were some decodable booklets and word cards.  For first grade their PALS folder was included, third grade had a few worksheets as well.
As soon as I get your emails and contact information from IT, I will try to connect with you. I am setting up a Flipgrid account so the children can send me videos.  I will be using their lunch number as their student ID and your email.
The first and second grade classes are also encouraged to use many online resources such as the SuperKids portal, storyonline.net, epic books, and many other things.I have also heard that scholasticlearning.com is an excellent website for the kids.
But as always, if you have any questions or concerns, my contact information is
God Bless,
Mrs. Cheryl Wilma

Contact: Cheryl Wilma
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