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November News!

Hello Parents!

Wow!  The month of November is already winding down!  I can’t believe that we have been in school for 63 days already.  With the cold weather wanting to stick around, please be sure to send your child with appropriate outdoor clothes and please have them labeled with names. Thanks!

As for school work we continue to stay very busy.  This is what we have been up to…

Religion: With Thanksgiving right around the corner we have been discussing things that we are thankful for.  They have each made a Thanksgiving placemat that was used during our kindergarten Thanksgiving feast this morning!

Math:  We completed our Number Order work this week. The students have done a variety of activities that focus on sequencing 1-10 and on the reserve order of numbers 10-1. Next week we will be ready to work more on Comparing Sets.  The focus will be on equal, less than, fewer than, greater than and more than.

Reading: We finished up Unit 2: Friends earlier in the month. We focused on the /s/ and /p/ sounds and learned two new high frequency sight words:  like, a. Please look on the website for our complete list as I will be adding to it once the word has been introduced at school. Recently we have started Unit 3: Transportation. We have worked more with the /t/ sound and learned the high frequency word: see. Next week we will work more with the short /i/ sound and high frequency word: go. They are also doing a great job in their journals. Twice a week we make an entry into our journals. They also illustrate the sentences!  They are doing a great job with placement of the letters on the line and remembering to leave space in between words!  Very impressive work!

Homework: I appreciate the time you spend with your child to complete their kindergarten homework. Please continue to emphasis taking their time and putting forth their best effort. If you notice a letter or number reversal, please have your child redo it and fix it. Make sure that written work is done in pencil so if something needs to be erased it can be. When reading with your child, we have been emphasizing and identifying our high frequency sight words! We also have worked with two word families as well. –at, -am. This allows for many more words that we can read, write and sound spell! Such exciting things happening at school and at home!

We have also been working on our color words and number words…the boys and girls sure do a good job with finding the clues around the room to help. 

Looking ahead:

November 21-23: Happy Thanksgiving break.

November 26: No afternoon busing

December 1-10: 10 Days of Giving

December 14: Kindergarten Christmas program at 12:30.

Look for an invitation in the very near future!

December 21: Classroom gift exchange and last day before Christmas break.

Lastly, please remember that we have gym class on Mondays and Wednesdays.  All students need to be wearing gym shoes.  Please make sure they wear appropriate shoes to school or have a pair in their backpacks that they can change into before gym time.  Thank you!

I wish all of you a very happy and blessed Thanksgiving with family and friends. That’s all from kindergarten for now!

Thank you!

Melissa Cichosz