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Star Student Info. and Schedule!

Starting in mid September we will start our “Star Student of the Week” program.  Attached you will find our schedule for our “Star Student.”  Please mark down your child’s scheduled week on a calendar at home. (If your child has a summer birthday, it will be celebrated during their special star student week as well.) On Monday of the week that your child is the “Star,” he/she may bring in the “Star Student” sheet (to be sent home later) along with 6-8 photos to share. Please feel free to include captions on the photos.  I will put the photos on the “You’re A Star!” bulletin board.  Moreover, throughout the time that your child is the star, he/she may bring in the following:

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Kindergarten Info!


Dear Parents,
I am excited to begin a new school year with you and your child.  Here is some information for you in regard to Kindergarten. It is very specific to our classroom at St. Mary’s Primary School. Please take time to read it thoroughly. Thank you!


If you missed it at Open House there were star cutouts on the table that contained many different items that our class may be in need of throughout the year. If you would be willing to donate any of those items or you have already, thank you. I would be more than happy to accept these items at any time during the school year. I am still in need of small stickers, and a couple puzzles (60-100 count.) The puzzles can be gently used too!  

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 Hello Parents!

Last week was interesting to say the least! In all of my years of teaching, I don’t think I recall a time that school was canceled 4 days in a row due to snow and cold. With that being said, it did put a damper on our Catholic Schools week celebration.  Please be aware that we will have a modified week of celebrating.  

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