PTP Meeting Minutes

September 2017 PTP Meeting Notes

Meeting began at 6:30 pm

Attendance: Lacey Konkel, Laura Fitzgerald, Ncolle Tober, Amanda Slaggie, Celia Kaiser, Jenny Austin, Teresa Higl, Kristin Biesanz, Maricel Remoticado, Debbie Owen, Erin Sturm, Katie Roeder, Liz Biesanz, Jana Korder, Missy Schneider

Meeting schedule for year - continuing to meet every other month, email from Jana on off months.


Ending Balance June 30, 2017 = 10,914.89

1st Day School Supplies

2016 = 78 orders / 2017 = 80 orders

Decided at the end of last year to make it a fundraiser - added $3 for each kit. $240 check coming to us. Jana will check in with Alissa for more info on when the check will be received.


Past 2 years we have received $800 thanks to scanning receipts.

Welcome Team Feedback

Mailers were sent first week of August - unfortunately, USPS did not deliver all of them - many families were missed, which accounted for a few families not being very receptive to their welcome phone call.

Next year a welcome email will be sent to all new families and families transitioning to first grade at the end of July. A printed FAQ sheet will be in their packets.

Phone calls can be made early August - preferably around packet pick up.

The program will continue. All 14 current members of Welcome Team have volunteered for next year.

Teacher Treat Sign Up

Sent around by Laura F. - Please note if you have signed up to deliver treats, it’s requested they be in teacher’s lounge by 10:30 am.

Teacher’s favorite things

Laura F sent forms to teachers at beginning of school year. These will be compiled and posted to the PTP website once again. PTP will publicize these at Holidays and Staff Appreciation Week.

Parent Rep

1st/2nd, maybe 3rd and 4th teachers used a parent rep for their classrooms last year. Those teachers interested will contact Laura again

Grandparents/Grandfriends Day 

April 19th at St. Mary’s and April 20th at St. Stan’s. Add info after meeting: St. Stan’s mass will move to Friday at 9:15am that week.

The art show will continue

PTP is looking for someone to work with Jody Berhow and chair the art show.

6th Grade Grad

PTP still looking for a person to chair this event

End of Year Event

With our last day before Memorial Day once again, Park Rec will not open the pool, so the Pool Party is not an option, Jana suggested ending year same as we started - with a Block Party.

Donation Request Spreadsheet

Please note businesses asked for donations, on this sheet. We don’t want to overwhelm them with requests. Chairs, please consult this sheet when planning begins for your event.

Block Party

It was determined unanimously to be a great success!

The Bake Sale and Silent Auction raised $200 to donate to Hurricane Harvey victims. Laura F is following up with HyVee and Walmart to look into their matching programs.

Leftover food from bake sale and dinner went to the Catholic Worker House.

School Directory

Simplified by Google docs this year!

Another reminder will be sent out by Tracy before the directory is published. We were over 200 families last year and are under 200 currently.

It was pointed out that we need to include “information does not carry over from year to year."



Teacher Conference Dinner

Sandwiches again this year - could we ask what type of sandwiches teachers would prefer? or perhaps order “make your own” platters.

Erin will work with Laura to do a sign-up genius to set up, clean up and donate extras, i.e.: drinks, chips, desserts, etc.

Halloween Party

Saturday, October 28 5-8 pm

Evening will include much of the same: pizza, bake sale, dj/dance party, costume contest, student council haunted hallway x2, arts & crafts and games in aftercare room.

Book Fairs

St Mary’s Nov 6 - 10, located in the School Gym. Gretchen Pyle is heading up this event.

St Stan’s Nov 13 - 17, location TBD. Co-chairs Julie Schneider & Missy Schneider are working on planning.

Next Meeting is Nov 7 - 6:30 pm

Gala Meeting is Nov 7 - 5:30 pm


Contact: Angie Troke